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Prank Scare Box

Prank Scare Box

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Scare the hell out of your colleagues, family and loved ones, catch their funny reactions with the Prank Scare Box.The perfect pranking tool, which is powered by a realistic spider that instantly makes even the boys scream at the top of their lungs!A fun way to start your day! Laugh & scream together with your loved ones, the perfect gift for this coming holiday, birthday parties, & other events.


🕷️Startles & Scares even the Most Stoic
🕷️Sliding Lid Box
This decorative wooden box has a sliding lid which upon opening, releases a scary spider that will "bite" your finger.
🕷️Quality Material
 Made with eco-friendly wood, wire, plastic, & safe to play with.
🕷️Simple & Easy to Use
Simply hand over the scare box to someone and let them slide the lid and instantly catch their funny reactions!


  • Type: spider prank
  • Size: 9.3 x 6 x 6.5 cm
  • Prank Box Weight: 0.2 kg 
  • Material: Wooden box, PVC 


  • Prank Scare Box

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